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No registration required! PiPi VPN automatically matches the fastest network node for you, just tap "Connect", and enjoy the vast network within 3 seconds.


No registration required! 0 logs, true privacy


The latest penetration technology, multi-client synchronization support


Selected and optimized global routes, faster and more stable


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Unlike most of the VPNs we know, PiPi VPN uses an innovative penetration protocol, and it is pioneering in multi-platform implementation. The updated protocol has better concealment, higher security and stronger stability. It is very suitable for use in countries and regions with strong network interference, and can better disguise your traffic as normal traffic.

Of course, we also have servers in more than 30 countries and regions, and select the best national lines. Unlimited traffic and bandwidth guarantee your browsing and entertainment experience.

Global route

PiPi VPN has many servers in 30 countries to achieve super fast speed and unlimited traffic

The 30 countries and regions covered by PiPi VPN ensure its unique connection speed. Now you can easily surf the web without worrying about download caps or bandwidth restrictions.

PiPi VPN Server – Trustworthy and Secure
Featured servers from global manufacturers, such as Google, Amazon, Oracle, etc.
99% uptime
High uptime keeps your business and entertainment running smoothly
Company Size
Country / region
Protocol security
Protocol masquerade
Protocol penetration
Way to register
masquerade as normal https
No registration required, just download and use
extremely fast
Own Windows, Android, IOS (coming soon), MacOS (coming soon) clients
No camouflage, easy to identify
Register account, bind email
third party client
PiPi VPN protects customers' privacy
No registration required! 0 logs
The client can be used without registration, and can be used with one-click connection. No connection records and browsing records are kept, and you can surf the Internet as you like.
The latest penetration technology
Developed jointly by many engineers, using the latest network penetration technology, 256bit encryption is more secure, and the SSL transmission protocol is more concealed!
Global route
Up to 30+ countries, numerous servers, providing a diverse VPN experience
7*24 service, never lose contact
A team of customer service and network engineers in three shifts a day is on call at any time to deal with your problems as soon as possible.
What are our customers saying?


Check out what our customers say about us

"The best VPN I have ever used, and it supports multiple devices. My mobile phone, iPad, and computer can share one account, keeping me connected to work anytime, anywhere."

chaos knight

"Very good, really, it's easy to use, you can watch Netflix, and there are always new lines to unlock non-made Netflix shows. The speed is also very fast."

I eat pork and I am honored

"After using it for a year, I found that it is getting smoother and smoother. It is the best and most stable one I have ever used. The speed is fast and the traffic is not limited. "

Zhang Xiaoran

Common Problem
What platforms are supported and what clients are there?

We currently support both Windows and Android. Stay tuned for other platforms.

Is traffic limited? Is it possible to not consume data traffic after using it?

PiPi VPN has no traffic limit, but please note that if your device is not connected to the Internet, you cannot use any VPN software. In other words, Pippi VPN cannot replace your mobile phone traffic.

Can my account be shared with others?

For the safety of your account, the account is for personal use only, please do not share the account with others, and you will bear the loss caused by sharing it with others.

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